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Hello, my name is Diamondz. I'm a DJ/Producer from Miami, FL. As a DJ, I've played world renowned clubs in Miami, including Space, shared stages with industry heavyweights like Rihanna, Lizzo, and T-Pain and electronic legends like Darude and Roger Sanchez. After years of DJing, I'm just beginning my journey as a producer. As an open format DJ, I've blended genres together for crowds hours into the night and I bring that same genre-bending approach to my original music, mixing elements of Hip-Hop and Electronic with Pop aesthetics. Influenced by other multi-genre producers like Diplo and David Guetta, I draw inspiration from all types of musical styles. "Blind" is my 2nd single ever released. The song toes the line between radio pop and house banger, with a heavy, bass driven, Slap House drop that bumps and gives way right back to a melodic, passionate vocal telling a story of two people who can't quite see the love they have right in front of each other.

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