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Deron Daum - Password:

Musician and singer/songwriter Deron Daum was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Daum learned how to play piano at the age of six and started penning songs at 14. He contributed to many bands around the Vegas area before moving to Seattle, WA in 1997 and forming Bendt. Daum worked at Microsoft as an Engineering Manager while he continued to write and produce his songs. In 2020 he quit Microsoft so that he could focus on working on music full-time. His first solo album called Too Much Music In Me was released in February 2021 and the single “Login:” in August 2022. Nine more singles followed and his sophomore release Password: will be released in October 2023.

Daum makes the type of music that will have you recalling ‘80s music right away. There was something very atmospheric about his vibes, awash with synths and keys for a very dreamwave feel. I liked how ambient his sounds were, which makes this listening experience very pleasant.

Password: begins with “Cozy Blanket,” where the sound of waves come into this recording. Next, some bass enters the vibes alongside a drumming beat. Once Daum’s vocals come in, the synths and keys reminded me a lot of ‘80s music. I enjoyed the retro sounds very much. The rhythm was very bouncy and upbeat and I liked the jauntiness of the tune. On the title track “Password:” some seagulls and more synths and keys come in for a robotic flare. The electronic riffs were really atmospheric. Daum’s vocals are breathy here. I was instantly reminded of Blondie. “Sentimental” immediately segues from the previous track. Some keys dance in for a melodic vibe and some xylophones adds unique instrumentation. This music reminded me of Owl City. The mix of natural and synthetic instrumentation made for an appealing sound.

Some thunder sounds out on “Nobody.” Gradually, some electronic riffs enter the vibes and the sounds soars to great effect. Once more Owl City comes to mind. Some yodeling comes into the start Of “Reptyle Brainz (Enmity).” Eventually, a wall of guitars come in for a great alt and indie rock vibe. This was different from Daum’s previous sound. Guitars and synths are mixed together for an energized rock feel. Some bird chirping arrives at the start of “Care.” Next, some melodic keys and a percolating electronic beat come through.

On “Fire And Ice,” some ukulele come in, giving this song a tropical vibe. Next, Daum’s vocals arrive for a compelling sound. This proved to be an emotionally powerful track packed with mood and feeling. On “Immortality,” some synths and electronic vibes enter the sounds. There was a hint of R&B to the music. Daum’s vocals are autotuned and the hip hop beats really added something extra. Some keys arrive for a blithe feel on “When I Come For You.” The airy sounds really resonated with me. Daum sings with tons of moody vibes here. This was another track in the ballad vein. This proved to be an apt way for the artist to end what was an amazing album.

I loved how Daum has a foot in ‘80s dreamwave and another foot in modern rock, making for a profound experience. From beginning to end, this album was worthy of a listen. I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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