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Deore warms you in an indie-pop dream

Deore dropped a dream-esque indie-pop ballad that plays off 1950's songwriting and a flare for cinematic undertone to go along with her naturally alluring vocal approach.

"Soft" is absolutely beautiful and sways enough to get under your skin in all the best ways as the artist swoons you with her bending and youthfully smooth voice.

Strings play along with the hooks and choruses and the song keeps you afloat just above the ground at all times.

It's warm, colorful, and feels like a sunset from start to finish . As the colors wash into each other so do the textures of the songs vast but sultry soundscape.

This is a wonderfully woven piece of work and instills a welcoming tonality that sticks with you as it plays on.

Deore has been releasing songs on Spotify since 2019 and although they all have a touch of something new to offer, they all have that staple feeling and warmth that comes through.

Her songs are like watching scenes in a film. Emotionally driven and brutally honest and descriptive.

If you love one song, you'll love them all. This is one of the best things about Deore as a whole. She writes songs that make you feel. They can make you fall in love. They can make you think and re-think. They can cause memories to flash through your head and that is impressive since it doesn't always happen like that.

Come get washed away with Deore. Start with "Soft" and go back through her releases from there. you won't be disappointed.

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