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Deacon Free changes the game with Diamond Demons

The new EP release from Deacon Free is a glorious combination of intertwining genres to create a cornucopia of rock.

Diamond Demons is an outstanding display of classic rock, surf undertoned pop rock, contemporary indie-pop, reggae, and oh so much more.

It's freeing to hear such a fresh variety of sound and style within only 5 songs. They are all confluent and it all makes perfect sense even with such outlandish diversity.

This record is a ton to soak in but damn is it fun to do just that.

Deacon Free shows a major maturity in songwriting and tags along a youthful energy and this is what makes the record so unique.

I mean, there's some real deal classic rock on this thing and they jam it out hard. But there is also the aesthetic of indie pop just sort of peaking its head from around each corner of the record.

This is exactly the type of record you want on vinyl. (Take the hint guys haha). Seriously even the artwork for the album is as colorful and jubilant as the music itself.

Completely blown away by these guys. Check out Deacon Free.

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