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Crushpoint - Heartache

North Texas is a place that certainly knows how to churn out desert rock superstars, and this band joins a steady flow of talented, passionate, authentic artists in the genre. Crushpoint is one of those hard rock bands that does things the old way. It’s not about smoothening out the edges — it’s about the raw roughness of rock for these talented guys.

That’s evident from the opening moments of “Heartache.” This song bursts forth with electrifying power chords and pummelling drums. The bass drum packs such a kick, as does the bass guitar groove, and it really gives the track a tremendous sense of depth. There’s a ferocity to the lead guitar too — such awe-inspiring power in every note strummed. And though there’s a rawness to the mix, as I said, it’s performed to perfection. Nothing feels amateurish about this performance.

But all of that is elevated to the next level when the vocals enter the mix. What an incredible voice. Deep, husky, and oozing with razor sharp shouts that are meticulously peppered throughout the song — adding a coarseness and sense of chaos to the track. It’s got a super infectious vocal hook in the choruses too. Rhythmic, even when the vocalist opts for screeching rather than singing. Fantastic. A tune that makes me eager to hear more from these talented musicians.

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