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Corey lee McQuade Delivers a Rustic Folk Record

A new release from Corey lee McQuade brings on a classic style in a refreshing way with slide guitars and genuine southern tonality complete with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want from real deal country roots music.

The Old Paint album features an array of gracefully and energetically performed instrumentation and hooky melodies that are bred from a rustic set of classics.

The record boasts an absolutely authentic feel, and the approach is nailed from start to finish with raspy belting vocals that call out and bring everything else to life even more. And these songs have violin, guitars, banjo, and plenty more that all feel lush and full-bodied.

It's got perfectly performed songs with grit and guts that make you want to show someone what real southern tunes sound like.

Corey is an instrumentalist and plays guitar and dobro like it comes to him naturally. It feels open and freeing, and the songs come through with a gusto as stories are told and painted with vivid imagery and imagination.

The record keeps true to the sound but sure shows some pleasant surprises and there are songs that really take you to a different place all together. These are cinematic like listening to old western soundtracks.

Someone needs to show this to the Cohen brothers like now. You find a lot of music like this in their films.

You also get a bit of a Tom Waits feel vocally and musically at times as well and that's by no means a bad thing of course.

It's got its own feel and really takes to a number of influences that bred this sound.

Great choruses and sections that sticks with you for ages, Old Paint delivers a pure sound you have been missing for some time.

So, dive into this one.

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