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Centershift Brings An Era Of Rock Back, And It Feels Great

Centershift just dropped a fresh EP that really shines with an edgy alternative rock undertone that feels cinematic and boasts some incredibly anthemic and emotionally driven songs with heavier guitar sounds and melodic centerpieces that breed radio friendly hooks almost non-stop.

The A Different Shade EP is absolutely massive feeling and comes through with such progressive changes that make you think of some bands we grew up listening to at times like Chevell or Far.

The changes are unreal, and you can hear that late 90's alt-rock influence in a lot of the songwriting.

The choruses are epic as hell and songs can really put out this anthemic soundscape half the time.

These guys have their heaviness for sure but it's not that straight metal feel. It's got more of a Tool feel at times. So that dark and brooding sound always peeks its head through and shows face throughout the record.

The vocals are impactful and genuine, and the band has a great feel to them. The EP feels like being on a boat trashing through a storm in the middle of an ocean. Waves crashing everywhere and the boat is rocking and swaying with a fierceness.

It's very cool and to an extent you sort of feel like you should have heard this band years ago, but you missed out.

Well, don't miss out now.

If you love that rea of hard rock music. That late 90's early 2000's edgy alt sound is alive and well with Centershift.

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