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Carl Green In Particular

Hello. I'm CARL GREEN IN PARTICULAR, a solo artist from North East England. My music is sparse, wiry, idiosyncratic alt-pop, recorded live (just voice and guitar) with keys and percussion added later. Production is deliberately raw and unscientific, anti-production by design. My influences are many and varied (from Buddy Holly to Sparks, Paul Simon to Pulp, The Beatles to Beck), but I'm not making music to emulate my heroes, it's more an involuntary compulsion to express myself in creative ways. I've been in various obscure bands for many years (Head Of Light Entertainment, The Close-Ups, Shandy Wildtyme anyone?!) but have decided now is the time to take control and make merry with the actual music I hear in my head. 2023 sees the release of three separate EP's: "Off Duty" in July, "Off Guard" in September, and "Off Balance" in November. I'm of the firm opinion pop music is at its alluring best when it wanders off by itself. Hope my particular wanderlust resonates with you in some way. "A timeless collection of hard-to-pigeon-hole tracks, full of 70's feels, acoustic sounds, and eternally important messages; Carl's music never fails to impress." Poppleton Ink Blog, September 2023, on "Off Guard" "Drawing inspiration from 70's art school pop- a masterclass in creativity." NARC Magazine, August 2023, on "Off Duty" "One of the region's real mavericks - he manages to inject his stuff with an operatic amount of drama." The Crack Magazine, August 2023, on "Off Duty" "A seriously impressive debut which builds on the strength of Head Of Light Entertainment and pushes their blend of great pop into a new arena of minimalism and psychedelia." NE Volume Magazine, July 2023, on "Off Duty"

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