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Carl Dover Drops a Pop Rock Banger

A fresh rock banger from Carl Dover brings out a refreshing and classic rock influenced feel and songwriting approach that gives off that genuine aesthetic and it comes along with a great chorus that hooks you in and doesn't let go.

"All Roads Lead to Victory" showcases the artists vibrant style and performance that really hits hard with presence and character not to mention some great melodies and attitudes throughout the songs course.

The single makes you want to jump around, sing along, or dance around the living room, which ever suits you best for the moment, but you won't be able to just sit around for this one.

The guitars are absolutely awesome with tons of solos that have style and heart just as the song itself boasts.

Carl Dover has a ton of singles under his belt, and they all show a load of that same heart.

The singles are worthy of stadiums but also have touches of underground tones and songwriting embedded in them from time to time keeping things down to earth.

This release is just the tip of the iceberg and if you dig this, you're bound to dig most of Dover's releases as he always has something a little new to bring to the table.

This was incredibly fun, and you will certainly find yourself singing the chorus in your head or out loud even without even knowing it.

So, start with this single and then go ahead and dive through the rest of Dover's catalogue as you'll be happy you did. There are more than a few gems in there and for rock lovers, this is the place to be.

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