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Bask The Giant Gets Personal

A recent EP release from Bask the Giant comes through with such a wonderful blending of genres that bring on everything from pop, hip hop, rock, and more all rolled into one release and it all creates this atmosphere that you can sort of step into and live in for a little while.

The EP is called i don't know anyone here i want to go home and it's incredibly honest and refreshing in a number of ways not just lyrically.

One of the things I really love about this release is the character that's given to you and you can tell all these tracks come from some place completely real and genuine making them incredibly authentic and getting you more attached to the songs the further in that you listen.

It's been quite some time since I was able to relate and understand a record like this and how big this release actually sounds with it only being three tracks long.

The production is absolutely outside the box and breaks down boundaries and barriers between genres seamlessly which is something that's incredibly refreshing especially done in this new and unique approach.

The tracks definitely hit with a gusto and a youthful energy but like I said earlier, it's the honesty that really grabs at you and makes you listen harder.

These tracks have a very cool arrangement and production approach but those words are what delivers that persona that you are invited into for a little bit.

I love that this is a little bit of an escape from your own life and into someone else's and while you listen you actually do find the songs completely relatable, and you realize that the artist must have released these songs and made these songs to get these things off of his chest.

These thoughts, emotion, feelings, and everything else all just bottled up can be a difficult thing to deal with.

So, for this artist, he was able to take all of that and put it out there for the world to hear and see which is a brave thing but it's also likely very cathartic for him as well.

One of the things that gets me is the way that the songs and the lyrics are actually articulated because we all have certain kinds of thoughts but don't even know how to speak them aloud sometimes because we don't know the right words to use to do so.

This is a really in-depth release that has layers that can be peeled back and a lot of realness to it along with it being catchy and futuristic in terms of genre blending.

This was definitely a record that was recorded with fewer boundaries than its predecessors and that, is a beautiful thing.

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