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Bandwidth Drops a Massive Record

An album release from Bandwidth delivers a massively cinematic and chamber sort of soundscape that really has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to, but each track is delivered with its own particular sort of character, and this is really what grabs at you the entire time.

The Where Songs Go at Night album is delivered with quite a gusto, and it feels like this was obviously done as a collective in a room together live on the floor so that this is something that breathes and feels alive.

This whole record is the score to a film and each part of this has a different delivery and gives a different emotional backbone whether it's fear, comedy, or otherwise, you have a certain vibe that each of these tracks gives and they all come together and into one piece so this is a record that you absolutely have to listen to from beginning to end to really soak it in properly.

This is because it is indeed like watching a film and you have this outstanding array of instrumentation from beginning to end from flute, saxophone, bassoons, to oboe, clarinet, and more so the entire thing is fully orchestrated.

When you listen to this record you start getting images in your head and playing out scenes that don't exist and this is an amazing thing to have happen while you're listening to any kind of music because it's not normal.

This is a perfect example of a group of people that just came together to blend composition styles and lend a hand to each other in ways that complement the music, and it all happens at such a natural state and a flow that just comes together without a hitch.

This is what you would consider chamber music, but it does have this liveliness to it that creates different color and energy with each track but as I said before, they all come together to create one piece that is to be soaked in and related to how you see fit.

What I mean by that is, each of these tracks will affect each listen or differently and so for me certain things popped into my head, imaginary scenes, visualizations, and more but for someone else those scenes and visualizations will be completely different.

So, each person will take it in in a different way and that's part of the beauty of music like this especially.

This was wonderfully orchestrated with a lot of attention to detail but always has this particular persona attached to it and that may be the most important and in-depth Factor about the whole thing.

This whole release is beautifully performed with a certain heart to it that brought everyone together to create atmospheres that others can really get attached to.

Most certainly take your time to check this record out when you get a chance and do it without any interruptions if possible.

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