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As Ghosts Drop New Singles

If you're not too familiar with the alternative rock and pop punk sounds of As Ghosts, then let us be among the first to introduce you because the band recently dropped a few singles and they both Stand Tall in terms of high-octane bombastic rock that has a particular way of packing a punch.

This group blends together a vivacious female lead vocalist who delivers mass amounts of class in her performances along with a super tight and fiery alternative rock feel.

Of the two singles recently released the first dubbed "Bodybag" has a little bit of a wider and more straightforward scope in terms of that radio friendly and driving alt-rock Style.

The track has different levels of catchiness to it and definitely hits with an impactful strike and leaves a great mark.

The second single is called "Somewhere West of Hate" and has more of that thrash or skate punk vibe to it but also incorporates a little bit more of what feels like you can expect from the band with heavier tones and faster rhythms.

Both tracks stand out really well and the singles do a great job of representing the band.

There's plenty to love about these releases especially if you're into alternative rock or heavy music that has a bit of a theme and purpose to it and also can somewhat surprise you from time to time.

This is the kind of release where you find yourself pointing at the speakers for the really cool parts that happen while you're listening in the car with your friends.

This is also the kind of music that you could turn nice and loud, and it still sounds really good.

Alternative rock with a little bit of a twist and some depth to it, As Ghosts is a band that you should be keeping an eye on especially in the coming months.




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