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Artist Spotlight Interview - Eve Of Uprise

Prepare yourself for the raw balls out rock of "Heavens Little Devil" from Eve Of Uprise.

This track is an absolute killer from beginning to end with thriving guitars, unstoppable energy, and an arena rock chorus.

"Heavens Little Devil" hits with driving force and keeps pounding while it embeds itself in your brain. Catchy, fun, and with all the alternative edge you've been missing in your life.

Crew vocals, breakdowns, and lead guitars that blend styles old and new together to give the essence of Motorhead, Maiden, and Avenge Sevenfold and more of the greats.

You can't lose with musical hooks that are as catchy as the choruses are.

Of course, Eve Of Uprise has been paving their way through the rock world for some time now so it's really not surprising to hear such a solid track get pumped out of the machine that is this band.

Obviously we had to sit down and have a chat with they guys. Here's what happened.

RAG: Okay guys, let's start with "Heaven's Little Devil". THis track is blistering rock with a hard alternative edge and super radio feel. Where did this track come from?

Sky (rhythm guitarist)- I wrote a cool bluesy riff that hadn't gone anywhere and one day at jam Skoon (drummer) mentioned that he has a riff stuck in his head. He hummed it out and it turned out to be the same riff but with extra parts. We riffed it out and the song structure came together really quickly after that. Then Steve (bass player) came up with the vocal melody and lyrics and Kevin nailed them right away. Steve - This song was my favorite riff to play at the time because of the feel of it. It just had that cool flow to it. I literally sat in my car at work one day listening to a terrible recording of it over and over until I was either going to get fired for not working or come up with some lyrics. The lyrics are bred from personal experience with a girl you know you should stay away from but just can't. RAG: We also really loved your previous releases like "Whiskey Rock" and "Valedictorian". What bands are your biggest musical influences? Who really changed you? Sky - I’ve had many musical influences in my life, but the most notable would be Nine Inch Nails, Fleetwood Mac, Guns n Roses, and the Foo Fighters Dizzle (Brandon) - I have a lot of musical influences but what impacted me the most as far as my style, and creativity would probably be a collection of Metallica, pantera, children of bodom, lamb of god, trivium and maybe a little dash a Slash from GNR Kevin - Thornley, Big Wreck, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, Megadeth Skoon (Sean) - It changes all the time but avenged sevenfold, ghost, dream theater and faith no more are bands that I really enjoy and like to draw influence from. Steve - My biggest musical influences have always been rooted in rock and roll for sure. Black Sabbath started it all for me and I was huge into anything classic rock for a long time before I started listening to heavier stuff like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Megadeth, Guns n Roses. Now I listen to and draw influence from anything from classical like Bach and Mozart to Foo Fighters to Cannible Corpse to Disney songs. RAG: How did this all begin for you guys? Sky - We are 2 bands merged together, Steve and I were in a band called “Fools like you” but our vocalist and drummer left the band, Dizzle and Skoon were in a band called “Defy All” and they disbanded, so here we are Brandon - I’ve been playing guitar for roughly 12 years, been in and out of small bands for a number of years. And one day my good buddy Skoon (our drummer) asked if I’d play guitar in this band with these other fuckers who I didn’t know at the time but turned out to be pretty damn decent dudes. And here we are. Steve - Sky and I were in a band that fell apart called Fools Like You and we were trying to hang on to it basically. We tried out a few people in different spots and it wasn't working until Skoon brought Brandon in on guitar and shit really started to work. We tried 3 or 4 different singers before we found Karaoke Kevin as we called him. He came very prepared to his first practice and impressed us so we let the other guy we were trying go and gave Kevin the job. RAG: You're exactly the type of band we'd see play. Will you be performing live when the time comes? Steve - Yes! Despite the chaos in the world right now we currently have a live show scheduled for December 11th in Ottawa Ontario. RAG: What are you guys doing when you're Not working on music? Sky - Other than work and the kids, I build things in my garage. Skoon - I do a lot of gaming when I'm not at work. PUBG, magic the gathering and smoking drugs Dizzle - Other than music, work is fairly busy (heating trade) I do a fair amount of gaming, raging while gaming, throwing darts, hackin darts, watch football, spend time with friends and family. And some of those activities would may or may not include a pint or 10 Kevin - I play hockey and golf a few times a week, host open Mic jams in our town, play poker and bar hop on the weekends Steve - I spend alot of time outdoors doing various manly things. Shooting guns, boiling animal skulls to make art, growing a beard, chasing my toddler around. When I'm not doing that, I'm memorizing lines from movies and re-enacting them until my family can't stand it anymore. I would love to be an actor at some point in my life. RAG: What's next for you as a band? Anything new in the works? We've currently just finished recording 2 new singles with a new producer, 1 of which will be released before the New Year. Our plan is to release an EP in the new year followed by our album in the early summer as well as another professional music video. RAG: What kind of influences do you have that are not musical? Sky - Anyone that is a good decent human are influential on me, it’s difficult not to become jaded in this world and I find it very uplifting when people stay optimist even in the roughest of times. Dizzle - History maybe? ..kindness, close friends and family. Steve - My kids are my biggest influence for sure. I just want to be cool in their eyes. I'm also really into art in general and i love woodworking as a hobby and acting. I'm inspired by anyone who pursues their talent for the love of it.

RAG: Before we go, is there anything you'd like to say to your fans? Sky - Thank every single one of you, this is what I love to do and it is refreshing knowing that the music we are making is being enjoyed and even if it changes one persons day for the better, it is all worth the effort Dizzle - Thank each and every one of you for every shred of support you given us along the way. It wouldnt happen without you. You’re all the fuckin shit!! Kevin - Get ready because we're just getting warmed up! Steve - I wish I could meet every single person out there who listens to our music and thank them personally but to all of you, thank you for the love! It's a truly uplifting feeling to know that people really enjoy something that you have created. Help us take over the world!!

Skoon - I love lamp.

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