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An Unusually Emotionally And Mentally Driving Release From Collin J Rae

The latest release from Collin J Rae and Company comes through as a set tracks that connect and coincide with each other like emotions or chapters of a book.

The songs on the Pandemia record are emotion-inducing ones and their belts in the form of ever-changing textures that bend and sway as they swim through the air around you and begin to create an atmosphere that's all its own.

These tracks are synth-based noise releases, but they do have that swelling and breathing undertone as if they are alive and I think that's a big part of what makes them so intense.

You don't feel like you're listening to just anything. You feel like you're listening to these almost living breathing beings in a way and that is kind of what grabs you.

The songs indeed do produce certain feelings in you as you listen through, and each track does have a range of tonality that bends and while that happens you can almost feel your emotion or feelings bending along with it.

This is something that's incredibly unique but one of the coolest things about it is that you are able to almost visually see your own memories or your own feelings as the songs unravel into this surreal and altered state.

There's Something About This Record that's haunting but I'm sure that that's done on purpose because the tracks are meant to be almost like a response to the tension that you felt during the pandemic itself.

So, this album is literally an audio emotional response to how parts of the inside of you felt during lockdown and that actually comes through.

This was different, experimental, and daring but there's something so real about it that you feel like you can actually touch these songs with your fingers and in turn be able to visually see those feelings and emotions that you felt.

It's very intense really but it's done in a way that's supposed to be.

You're supposed to feel from this and think. That's what it was made for and that's what it does.

And in that aspect for sure this is pretty impressive.


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