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An Orchestrated And Massive Single From Shadowpath

A massive new single release from Shadowpath breeds a combination of outlandishly vast and heavy soundscapes that come together to create this beautiful but edgy song and it's all very intricately built and performed so that you get to step into this atmosphere of its own.

"Outside The Tetrahedron" comes through with this powerful and cinematic backbone that combines such beautiful and gracefully performed vocals with a unique and thrashing heaviness all done with a tightness and perfection that lets the song come through the way it was supposed to.

There are sections of the song that just come through beautiful and lush with a very orchestrated approach but then you realize that the entire song actually encompasses that sort of approach as well.

Everything from the composition to the arrangement of this track feels orchestrated and that's why it's so big.

This was very well woven, and it was built with layers of gorgeous instrumentation that let the song go beyond the boundaries of just a metal song.

This is something that can get engulfed in and escape your reality with and no matter who you are that feels great to do because you don't always get that.

This track has such a progressive and changing element to it that it feels alive and breathing and being able to let the song wrap itself around you feels necessary.

This song is massive and spans almost 6 minutes long but with all those changes it feels like you just read a book or watched a scene of a film and you're coming out of it having to snap yourself back into reality again.

This is exactly what I mean by escaping and how certain kinds of music are meant to be escaped into.

This release features incredible guitar work and drumming that give the song such a high-end production and you get this sense of incredible musicianship from all parts.

This whole thing gives the song a certain polish and sheen but it's that character in persona that makes everything so theatrical.

I love that theatrical feel especially when it's done right like it is here where you have this massively orchestrated metal soiree that goes through different sections progressively almost like scenes in a play would.

The vocals are absolutely intense and riddled with passion and such a full body delivery along with these melodies that are given which adds this whole smooth sort of layer on top of everything.

Her vocals are almost like another instrument themselves which maybe it's how it's supposed to be because it works so well here.

You pay attention to the lyrics, but you pay more attention to the melodies and how they're approached on top of the music.

Again, this is all very gracefully and tastefully written and performed so you can tell that there were tons of attention to detail going on during the creation of this track but throughout all of that it never loses that character or that storyline.

I think it takes a lot to be able to put something like this together and pull it off the way that they did so I for one am incredibly impressed and refreshed by hearing track this engulfing.

Check this truck out when you get a chance and do it with headphones on so you can really get surrounded and soak the song in properly.This track easily gets a 9 out of 10 hands down.

If you don't want to take my word for it, then listen to it. It's worth your time.

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