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An Introduction To The Sounds Of Edie Yvonne

If you're not familiar with the bright new artist Edie Yvonne then let us be the first to introduce you to her and her very well crafted and swirling pop sounds that let you swim through it all with a peaceful and satiated feeling.

Yvonne is a wonderfully talented actress and a musician that not only writes her own material but performs it with heart.

Of the artist is a bit new to the scene, she has already begun to make waves in the pop arena.

Having released a single called "With the Light" in 2022, she had gained rave reviews and went onto to record her latest single which just dropped called "Eyes of Lies".

Although both songs are pop in general, the new single delves into a new and different style for the artist which allows her to feel more open doing what she's doing. This approach surely shines and shows through on the recording itself.

The single is something to save her for sure as it really manages to tie in a wonderful series of pop attributes that all lend and melt together with an ease and a seamlessness that feels warm and youthful.

The energy captured on the recording is just beautiful and really let's Yvonne bring that presence outward for everyone to witness.

Of vivacious but delicate song, this one falls into category all its own. There is a little contemporary, there is a little edginess, but it all works like a charm.

This is for true pop music lovers of all ages. it's time to let Edie Yvonne into your musical world.

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