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An Introduction to Chillin '

If you are not yet familiar with the sounds of Chillin' then let us be among the first to introduce you because the group has recently released a four-track EP that does a wonderful job of whisking, you up in a way as they tell stories from the heart.

Now, although this may be among their first full releases that you can find on Spotify upon listening to these songs it is incredibly evident that this is made up of a group of very seasoned and tasteful performers who put a lot into what they're doing which all actually lets the songs hit with a beautiful presence.

The feel of this release combines a contemporary sort of Rock with this Soulful and impassioned performance that lets things bend in intensity when they need to so the songs end up having a mind of their own and if you let them, they will take you to a different place each time.

I think part of the beauty of music is that you can take a song and make it your own. You can hear a song and relate to it a certain way, think of your person or your people, think of your own situations, and so on.

This is exactly what this group offers with this full-bodied and impactful release.

The music is flowing and it's such a perfect balance dynamically between the edgier side of things which is that intensity, and this smooth and almost calming side of things as well.

You get a very unique blend of those two attributes and when you listen to the record all the way through, which is exactly what you should be doing, you'll be able to grasp all of that.

As I said earlier, the release spans four tracks, and out of those four, our top two are "Maybe Heaven Knows" and "Let It In" but each has their own thing going on so again, doing the full ep is the way to go with this release.

I absolutely loved the display of soul that was delivered on the EP which is rightfully titled From The Heart.

Like a good contemporary rock sound that's got soul, then this is something you want to listen to.

We're happily giving this a 9 out of 10 but have a listen for yourself.

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