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An Intense Metal Opus from Until 9

A heavy and vast new single release from Until 9 takes you for a deepening musical journey with trudging guitars, melodic overtones, and a death metal approach that's blended with a classic metal feel at times bringing together a flurry of subgenres of metal as a whole but really delivering this thrashing and progressive tone that hits with a blistering energy right from the get-go.

"Adam & Eve" has such a unique way of blending these ferocious riffs and drop B tuning with these lush melodies and experimental soundscapes because not only does it hit all the heavy aspects but that vastness and that story kind of takes you away as well.

What blows me away most about this track is how incredibly tight the whole thing is but how orchestrated it is as well.

This thing is put together and build with such intricacy and such amazing attention to detail that your kind of left in awe by the end, but it also hits all the sweet spots that a fierce metal song should and more so this combination of lush and sort of expansive approaches and this punching death and thrash metal really make for a track that is tremendous in the end.

This is more of an experience than a single and when it's over you feel like you just watched an intense scene of a film or even an entire film because you're getting a full-fledged story.

The more experimental parts come towards the end of the track where the vocalist is squeezing in all kinds of great lyrical phrasing and sort of ranting in a way but that's very ear-catching and adds to the song's drive and intensity very well which in turn makes everything just feel alive.

What's crazy is that as memorable as the riffs are and the brutal style screaming vocals are, these melodic sections that are more freeing and have a certain kind of flare to them are the ones that end up sticking in your brain more and that's crazy because this track is just about 5 minutes long, but it feels bigger because it goes through so much stuff.

There's a lot of great changes and progressions, swells and sways, breakdowns, and bridges that it feels like you listen to more than one track at a certain point.

This single definitely pushes the envelope quite a bit and it speaks volumes for the band themselves because the performance on everything is so vibrant and so vivacious, but in terms of every instrument and every vocal on this release.

Like I said before, this is super tight, and it makes you want to go see them perform it live just to see what it's like.

This was a bigger-than-life kind of metal track and people who love ridiculously intense and thrashing metal are going to love this track because it gives you all these different elements rolled up into one song and it makes for such a robust and memorable single.

Anyone in the metal world should love the hell out of this single.

Until 9 is the type of band you keep an eye on, straight up.

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