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An Honest Pop Single From SOWARDS

A brand-new single from SOWARDS brings on a refreshing and crisp pop tonality that blends rich textures and uses a unique production approach to make the track come alive, and it works like a charm along with enough hooks to turn heads and a refreshing and bright vibe that gives off a massive character.

"Leave The Door Unlocked" takes a vivacious and lush soundscape and gives it purpose and they do this by turning it into a love song of sorts but it's really that persona that you get attached to so quickly.

Everything about this track has a colorful polish to it and there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this track especially in its production because there are so many brilliant intricacies going on throughout its course, however, it never loses that persona, and it never loses that purpose that it began within the first place.

This is the type of track that came from something real, so it's got this subtle emotional drive behind it that makes it work and come alive.

The single bears a great sort of cinematic backbone to it and what I mean by that is, you can picture this song in the scene of a film or a TV show easily and the whole thing has an energy that's captured so well that it almost gives the essence of a live performance.

All the musical sounds, textures, and elements that are brought together during this track have a wonderous way of complimenting each other and giving the song such a forward-moving flow.

The strange thing about it is that it almost gives me this slight nostalgic feeling and I think that just has to do with the sentiment of the song itself because musically it's super current maybe even futuristic being that it blends and mixes so much different pop undertone together with such a natural approach.

Somehow it still feels like it could have been part of the soundtrack to a chapter in my own life in some way shape or form.

It has a weird way of having memories of your own pop into your head or making you think about your person.

I love that. When songs speak to you in such a way is really incredible, especially ones that have such a vibrant pop presence.

This is really a song about a breakup of sorts and that's clearly but the way that they approach it is different and refreshing.

I also love this combination of natural and digital instrumentation coming together because you have all these synths, keys, and electronic tones that work really well with these guitar riffs that serve as musical hooks in the song in different places and what feels like live drums.

All these elements together are what give the song a unique feel along with the vocals being so right up in your face and so sort of warm and relatable.

This is a heavy-handed pop banger that was done by people who have a real love for their craft and can pull songs together that feel like they were meant for you even if it doesn't make sense at this exact stage in your life, it makes sense for you at some point and that's sort of what hits you.

This is a terrific track that speaks volumes for the duo, and I am going to be keeping a close eye on these guys from here on out and looking forward to what they release next.

This one gets a straight-up 9 out of 10 for pop presence and heart.

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