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An Honest New Album From Heather Luckhart

A new album release from Heather Luckhart gives off a ton of character and delivers with it a beautiful tonality that creates lush songs and all of it is driven by a blues rock soundscape that allows her to give off that persona of the way she needs to.

The Make It Through album is packed with soul and a great set of instrumentation that allows the songs to speak out and allows her to shine as an artist and show her presence.

This album has a certain kind of connectivity to it almost like each track serves as a certain chapter in her own life and because of that the album feels almost like a concept record which I really like.

There is a mass amount of honesty strewn throughout this record and that's how you know the songs come from someplace real and genuine and this makes the record so incredibly authentic that you just can't turn away from it.

When you're done listening to it you feel like you know her so much better and it's almost like you sat down with a friend who opened up to you.

There are definitely songs on this record that feel like they were cathartic for her to write and she had to get certain things off of her chest when the only way she knew how was to do it through her songs.

This is a very personal record and I'm sure it means a lot to the artist but for the listener it's also incredibly relatable a lot of the time which is why you get so attached to it so quickly.

The softer songs come through with a subtle beauty and the heart of rocking songs come through with just enough edge and color so there's this wonderful balance throughout the album that never lets it get boring.

Throughout it all it's her vocals that really reach out and grab at you although the band is amazing, and the instrumentation and performances are all delivered with pretty much the same level of heart that the vocals have.

There are a number of songs that stand on their own two feet as singles throughout the album however I do feel like this is the type of record you want to hear from beginning to end because that's the proper way to really soak it in.

This is something I've also missed in music for quite some time.

I love being able to step away from my own reality for a little bit and really jump into someone else's and with this record you definitely do that even without realizing it.

When it's over you have to snap yourself back to reality again and sort of shake it off for a minute.

On the musical side of course, there are a lot of catchy elements and hooks throughout the record that sticking your brain for hours after the songs have ended.

There is definitely a lot of layers to be peeled back on this release and I found it to be an incredibly enticing and good time to do just that.

I've certainly missed music that has this much meaning and show so much personality.

This is an absolutely beautiful record from start to finish and I would suggest putting on some headphones and pouring a glass of whiskey, sitting back on the couch and just soaking this album in.

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