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An Honest and Fresh EP From Randy White

The latest EP released from Randy White delivers a very honest approach to R&B with a pop crossover that is able to build something you can escape into and not want to leave.

The Lost In Meaning EP has a lot of character embedded in its veins and when you finish listening to it you feel like you know the artist a lot more than you did before which is something of a rarity if you think about it.

The beats and flows across the release are smooth but have this edgy undertone to them that lets you get attached very quickly and it's easy to become engulfed in this release.

The record does an outstanding job of letting the artist shine and show presence as a performer along with being able to wear his heart on his sleeves so that the listener can relate to the things that are being said in the songs themselves.

This is a wonderful and unique combination that makes the record really appealing.

You can definitely tell that there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of these songs especially on the production side of things, but the songs also never lose that emotional drive that they were born from in the first place.

I think this may be one of the more important things about the release overall because these songs are like chapters in someone's life, so you end up taking them like that.

What's more is, as I mentioned earlier, you can actually escape into this and it's been quite a while since I heard something that you can escape into and forget about your own surroundings for a little bit.

I think that's what certain music is supposed to be for and this record is one of those pieces of music that accomplishes exactly that and does it with a charm as well.

The other thing is I feel like there are definitely some singles here that stand on their own two feet very well and could be absolute hits however, having said that, I also feel like the EP is meant to be soaked in as a whole from beginning to end.

I absolutely miss records that you are meant to listen to from beginning to end especially ones with more than one or two songs.

It's the character and relatability that you really get pulled into with a lot of these tracks and this is something that obviously holds meaning for the artist himself so you can tell that they came from someplace real which makes all these songs very authentic.

There are definitely some layers to be peeled back across the span of this EP and it's fun to do that especially if you're listening with headphones and can pick up on all the words the first time around.

I would definitely suggest listening to this one more than once however so that you can really get a full grasp of the big picture.

Definitely dive into this one and you'll find yourself swimming through these songs and being washed away with the soundscape.

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