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An Honest and Eclectic Album from Neither Could Dylan

A new album from Neither Could Dylan has a wonderful way of delivering a special breed of honesty and the form of pop undertone rock and contemporary style songs that all come together in the form of a massive 17 track record that feels like it could almost be a concept album of sorts.

The Foxchase album is packed with some great, full body, and lush songwriting approaches and instrumentation that let the songs at times, come through robust and each of these songs carries with it a certain kind of character which is one of the biggest things that you end up getting attached to in the first place.

What is special about this album, is not only the honesty and the way it's delivered, but that it's got a sort of eclectic set of songwriting approaches throughout the record, but everything is still confluent and connective in their own way.

This is one of those albums that you should be listening to from beginning all the way through to the they tell stories and connect in different ways, but also because if you only listen to one or two tracks from this record, then you're not getting anywhere near the full spectrum of what it actually has to offer.

This is an important factor because an hour a day not enough bands or artists actually put out full length albums anymore because we live in such a single-based society now.

Listening to this record really takes you through different situations, stories, thoughts, and some emotional drive and I think that's what creating art is really all about.

A lot of these songs bear a certain kind of message to them and some of them feel so relatable that they could serve as the soundtrack to chapters in your own life at times and that kind of connection is rare in music so when you find it it's very refreshing.

Songs range from singer-songwriter, indie pop and dream pop, all the way through to heavier rock and grunge at times and it's still all makes perfect sense when you listen to the whole record.

Neither Could Dylan is basically a solo artist project by producer and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Jakobczak and to even think about how he's able to take a song from vision all the way through to fruition is mind-boggling .

One of my personal favorite tracks on the record is actually the last track called "Girls Like Me" which manages to hit an almost postpunk approach and I feel like this is such a great send off for the end of the record.

By the time you get through this whole album, you feel like you've been through a lot it is over an hour long so you are getting quite an experience when you listen to the whole thing through.

This album oozes with personality, charisma, heart, honesty, authenticity, and comes across with a useful vigor that solidifies the aesthetic perfectly.

Again, try and listen to his record all the way through and see how it affects you.

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