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An Entrancing Single from The Sound of Mountains

A recent single release from The Sound of Mountains brings out a cinematic and growing soundscape that's built with a lot of outstanding guitar work and an element of intensity that swells giving the song the feeling of being alive and breathing right from the start.

"Heal My Rage" is a wonderfully unique approach to creating a piece of music that at first, gives you a sense of calm and peace, and then as it grows and builds, it ends up hitting a bigger more rock vibe with a lot more edginess and a bit of a heavier tonality however, it's still manages to give off that similar sense of peace or even achievement because the progressions and notes are so positive and this gives the song This beautifully almost anthemic feel to it.

I love music that's instrumental like this and delivers such emotional drive because it is almost like reading a chapter in a book where some of it leaves spots for your imagination to fill in and this track does the same because you can take it a lot of different ways, but it gives you this sense of hope in a strange way.

The guitar work across the board is perfect and even the actual tone of each different section of the song guitar-wise was well thought out so that that more intense climax can hit, and all this brightness can come shooting out of everything.

I love how much actual character and heart this song actually has, and you can tell this came from someplace within the artist because you just get the feeling of authenticity when you listen to it.

This track is all feeling and emotion so when you hear it, you can feel that positivity and you can feel the thrive that the song delivers which is completely infectious.

This track feels great to listen to and upon hearing it I had to check out some more from the artist, and I'm glad I did because I certainly found some more beautiful pieces of music that have been released since last year and each one bears a different persona and a different emotion and its underbelly which is a wonderful thing.

A lot of this stuff gives you a sense of wonder and it all has this sort of lush and vast vibe to it with layers of notes that complement each other and let you think and feel.

Memories of your own sort of flood into your head at random and I think that's a beautiful connection to have with the music that you're listening to especially because it's a rarity.

I found this song to be rejuvenating for me and having listened to it almost first thing in the morning, it gave me a certain kind of spark for the rest of my day.

This was a gorgeous single that was put together and woven with heart and a passion for just doing it.

Not only do I suggest listening to this track, but I suggest listening to the other singles from The Sound of a Mountains as soon as you can because it really does set a certain tone.

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