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AN Album From Ran Aground Tells Fantastic Rock Tales

If you're not familiar with Ran Aground Then you've really been missing out on some captivating storytelling from the mind of someone who is able to transfer these stories and tales into songs that are portrayed by robust and intense characters in an almost theatrical setting.

The project is run and helmed by one man who manages to give it his all and record, produce and write all the songs for this album. Which is not only impressive, but it feels like it allowed him to create something that was the closest to what his inner Vision was for this creation.

This Record definitely pushes the envelope in a new and different way that lets you get attached to these stories and lets you take those Journeys with the artist as they're happening in real time.

You are able to picture these scenarios and not only the stories that are being told, but the people that are telling them. This is by far and away a theatrical sort of Pirate Rock record that fits this amazing conceptual vision so well that it's almost scary.

The album is called Of Portents And Premonitions, and it's something to hold on for because you will definitely be going for a bit of a ride, and we mean that in the best way possible.

Guitars ring out and everything feels so big. There's a wonderful intensity and dreaminess to the songs but it's all undertoned. They are in a way, fantastic. This level of musical fantasy is very seldom reached and it's something that is really cool to hear when you finally get to hear it. It's like a rock opera in a way. You don't really know what to expect but when it happens even though it's so new to you, it's somewhat of an amazing thing.

What's possibly most important here is that it was fun. This was a whole lot of fun and it was done with a level of production that paid attention to detail.

This wasn't just a one-off, run of the mill type record. There's nothing cookie cutter about it. It's something that crosses boundaries and can make you start a song again just after it's ended in case you missed a part.

The charm of the vocals during the storytelling and the singing is great. It really can hang on to you and let you kind of think about this record after you've stepped out of the car from listening to it and are heading into the office.

It's like watching a film and not being able to finish it all the way to the end by the time you had to go to work. Throughout the day your kind of thinking about that film and how it may end. Well listening to this album but having to stop halfway through, is just like that.

So, if you're looking for something a little outside the ordinary, a lot of fun, and something you most likely haven't heard before then this one is for you.

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