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Amanda Grace Drops a full-length album

A full-length album release from Amanda Grace portrays a beautifully performed set of song that border on Americana and contemporary pop with such an alluring song writing approach and vocal style that both let the songs touch on cinematic undertones and a certain drive that comes from storytelling and emotions.

The Please Dear Sun album really must have taken some courage as it is very honest, descriptive, and sons do an amazing job of painting vivid pictures with sound and words that all create an atmosphere that you can really get washed away with.

Each song has a little something different to offer and there is often a certain anthemic feel to songs and it all falls into that intense style that brings with it a little edginess and a little less boundary.

Songs like "You & Me" can be a great example of songs like this. They bring an empowerment with them, and Grace has a way of making these songs feel like they were written just for you somehow.

This is because of how relatable the songs can be to you.

She has a wonderful presence as an artist, and she can sing with a great subtlety or a great intensity. She's got great control over the dynamics of her voice and really does this record with a wonderful heart and passion that shines through in just about every song.

This is a robust and lush album that speaks so much for the artist and lets her be herself and do things her way. You can tell she had an absolute blast making this album and that is part of what makes it so fun to listen to.

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