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Alexander Joseph sets the tone for the summer

A new single from Alexander Joseph is a heartwarming song that feels like a summer sunset and a nostalgic trip into memories as the stripped-down approach to the song gives off a personal and emotionally driven tonality that feels good to listen to.

"Summertime Compass" is a song for life, for living day to day and giving it your all. Enjoying the time, you have with loved ones and creating fresh memories of your own to look back on and smile.

The song somehow captures what most feel like summer is all about even if it's just in their inner child.

The song paints such a beautiful and vivid picture and becomes incredibly welcoming. It even becomes cinematic as it does cause your memories to pop into your head and it makes you happy with subtle few lines that cause you to think.

The vocals are smooth and passionate with a gusto and energy that fits the song perfectly and Joseph has a certain charm to the way he performs that makes it feel like he's been a friend for years already.

This release is perfectly woven and in a few short minutes is able to showcase such a heartfelt and genuine style of songwriting that it makes you want more.

The song is inspiring and uplifting and it's truthful. This is exactly the sort of music we can all use right now. A reminder of the good things. The memories and the times to look forward to next.

This is a great song to start the day with. Pop it on first thing in the morning and you'll want to go play with your kids, kiss your wife, or call a friend.

Kudos to the artist for bringing that feeling to life.

I think we can expect great things from Alexander Joseph on the horizon.

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