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Adam Noviello Brings An alluring and mellow dance pop single

One of the latest releases from Adam Noviello is a smooth and alluring pop single that blends a contemporary indie-pop feel with a mellow dance undertone that keeps things incredibly chill with a laid-back beat, lush keys and synths, and gorgeous vocals that feel like they are being performed with certain memories in mind.

"Another You" is particularly warm and comes through with this crisp tonality vocally that combined together, all kind of wraps itself around you.

The production is stellar on this track. It's got such a familiar but refreshing vibe to it and the balance of everything is outstanding.

This was quite a gracefully performed song on both the music and vocal side of things really.

The release has a way of letting you get sort of engulfed by it all and you can still hear that dance influence lurking just beneath the surface the whole time.

It feels like smoking cigarettes in the VIP room of a fancy club.

There is this glimmer to it. A sheen that helps it breath and sway you.

It works like a charm and the entire sound is enticing from start to finish.

It's awesome how the beat still cuts through nicely, but the song remains in this calm environment.

Obviously this one was written about someone in particular. Whoever they are, we hope they appreciate it.

This was subtle but impactful in its own right and it really showed some character for the artist.

A well woven and performed single from Noviello.

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