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A Wonderfully Woven EP from Frances Hope

A new EP from Frances Hope delivers a lush soundscape and a special breed of honesty that lets her wear her heart on her sleeves and does so with a certain kind of character and robustness that you can't turn away from which is one of the things that let you really get attached to the music and the song so quickly.

The Breakup Songs EP is two tracks and the first is called "For A Moment" which comes through as a vast and spacious ballad that has a heavy cinematic backbone and such a passionate and emotional drive that you can tell this was probably cathartic for the artist to actually write and release.

This track is incredibly relatable and the way that she describes things really lets you paint a picture in your head of the situation, and she has a beautiful approach to the way she arranges the music so that the whole thing has a beautiful build to it and comes through with this almost alive and breathing feeling to it.

One of the things I adore about this track in particular is its blend of almost vintage pop and a new school coach as well along with that ambience that it delivers again, giving it a little bit of an edge and drive and leaning it towards the cinematic feel.

What grabs at you about this track especially, is that honesty and that persona because it's so genuine that it gives some insight into her personality as well.

I love the production on this track because it does come in toll a little less than halfway through the track again, giving it this great build.

The second of the two songs is called "Catch and Release" and this track has a wonderful way of showing a little bit more color and a completely different side of her songwriting approach as an artist as well.

It's a bit more upswing and still keeps to a great pop overtone but includes acoustic and electric guitar along with banjo giving it a little bit more of a push, and it's such a warm and welcoming kind of song but also has a little bit of darkness to it again, keeping it as real as the first track but in a different way.

This to me, felt like a combination of what would be almost like Americana or folk mixed with a fresh pop vibe and I think this is part of what music is going to end up sounding a lot more like in the future.

The way that she bends genres at free will and just creates songs and releases them with fewer boundaries than the norm is a brilliant idea and I feel like she's paving her own path musically which is what a great artist should be doing.

This was a very open EP and touched on several different approaches and styles that showed a lot of her personality and gave performances with charisma, honesty, and a perfect energy and dynamic balance that makes everything create an atmosphere that you fall right into.

I would be checking this EP out and keeping an eye out for whatever else Frances releases.

Check this release out as soon as you can and see how it affects you.

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