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A Wonderful Feeling Album Release From DeliCat

DeliCat returns with a wonderous set of songs that come from truth and tell stories that paint vivid pictures and feel warming and welcoming with a familiar undertone and a rustic yet youthful tonality that has a way of creating an atmosphere that you just never really want to leave.

The Saud, The Bad & The Ugly manages to make you feel almost nostalgic and it's this personal sort of inner look and perspective. It's like the songs came from you but you never heard them before.

They touch on these textures that make you comfortable or like someone was watching chapters of your own life and recording an album about it.

The record boasts an array of colorful and edgy soundscapes from electric and acoustic guitars to synths that add zest, to vocals that layer different tones of light distortion or amp sims that let them come through with a little bit of a submissive feeling.

The songs have this vulnerability to them that makes you feel attached, and they do it in a way that comes off charming.

This was beautiful in a sense, as guitars flow like water and the record calls out and beckons that youthful energy.

Not only is this record able to swirl around you and let you float away with it, but it takes you on these little journeys that you come to love.

It's certainly been some time since you've heard an album that you feel close to like this one.

It has this magic to it that makes you want more and more. It's like a hug from a loved one. Which may sound weird but if you listen to the record, you'll likely get it.

A beautifully performed and written album riddled with nostalgic charm and magic is what this is.

But don't take it from us, have a listen for yourself. Remember we said it all first.

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