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A Wonderful and Honest Single from Claire Eisel

A new single release from Claire Eisel brings out a somewhat rustic Americana and Country tonality with a descriptive honesty that helps the song create this sort of character that you end up getting yourself attached to right from the start and this sticks throughout the entire track which helps create an atmosphere that you just end up falling right into.

"Isolation Blues (January version)" is a wonderfully lush track that has a way of sort of growing as it plays on and while this is happening you find yourself listening to the lyrics and her vocal performance as it becomes passionate and heartfelt in its delivery.

The track has this natural build to it and added instrumentation helps that along until the song goes from a more stripped-down acoustic guitar and vocal feel to a full-bodied, full-band approach and this growth is completely natural, forward-moving, and is part of the whole flow of the song.

The energy of this track is absolutely beautiful, and it really has the sense or the air of a live performance in a way and when the track is over you find yourself feeling like you just watched a live performance.

This is a catchy track, and that chorus ends up sticking around in your head for hours or sometimes even days after the song has ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song once more which in my opinion is smart songwriting, but I think Claire does this naturally and this is just her way of writing.

I absolutely adore that spark of Americana that comes through and the whole track has this southern-kissed tonality to it which adds to that persona and that character that is given off throughout its course.

The track also gives me a little bit of a nostalgic feel because those classic country influences certainly shine through in this performance and the songwriting as well and you can clearly tell that Claire is an artist who has a true love for her craft and when I say that, I don't just mean singing or playing guitar, I mean writing a song and putting it out to the world.

After listening to this song, I definitely want to go see her perform it live just because this wonderful energy that's captured on the record so well must be even better to see in a live setting.

This single does an amazing job of showcasing Claire's presence as an artist and her natural neck for songwriting that comes through catchy, warm, and honest.

The single is released, and the artist is now ramping up to release a few more including the upcoming "Ghosts/Shadows" which is a track that shows a little bit of a different side to her songwriting and her personality as well.

This is something that's a staple feel with her music it seems. She always gives a little bit of her personality into the music so that you can soak it in, and I think this is important as an artist.

Songs that are possibly cathartic for an artist like Claire are relatable for the listener and that's something that forms a connection.

You can check out some live performance videos of "Ghosts/Shadows" on Claire's YouTube to get a little hint of what's to come but as far as we can tell, this track will come with a full-fledged production and feel just as lush as "Isolation Blues (January version)" does.

I for one, and certainly looking forward to the upcoming releases and will be paying a lot more attention to Claire Eisel and her music from here on out and you probably should too.

Start with taking a listen to this single and checking out some more on YouTube.

I'm going to give this an 8 out of 10 because it's got such an honest and personal vibe, comes through with a certain level of charisma, and speaks volumes for Claire as an artist.

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