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A Wild And Genius Release From MC Maguire

A fresh release from MC Maguire brings something quite new to the table by creating a wondrous and eclectic world and electronica approach and creating a massively orchestrated tonality which includes different variations based on Justin Bieber's "Yummy" along with so much more to soak in.

The Dystophilia EP is bountiful and full-bodied with Incredible instrumentation that feels like they're mending together and clashing with each other at the same time and the whole thing has such an intensity to it at times that you need to snap yourself back into reality.

Just when you think you get used to a certain arrangement or pattern, the track progresses and changes into something only to come back to that original pattern again here and there but what's really impressive about this whole thing is the way everything is built and put together because the instruments across this record are both natural and digital so to have those two things come together in such a wild approach is impressive.

There are indeed things like strings, piano, synths, keys, loads of percussion, and an almost glitch-like element to how everything comes through where you get tiny pieces of other segments here and there.

There's something fluent about these tracks but there's also something that hits an edgier and more avant-garde approach as instruments pop in and out and intensities build.

What blows my mind about this is how connected but not connected the songs are at the same time because these are massive pieces of music standing around 25 minutes each and at certain points of their playthrough they can feel maddening.

Sometimes there's an overwhelming number of notes and music happening from different instruments at once and it sends you off into a tailspin of sorts.

Of course, this comes back together at certain points as well and there is something progressive about how these are put together and also something that feels almost theatrical about it all.

To me, it hits a certain way where it affects my emotional state at times, and I think in part it has to do with how clever it all is but also how frantic it can all feel.

This is very unique and very off the wall but it's also borderline genius because there's so much happening and so many intricacies. So much attention to detail had to happen to put this together and make it work.

Having said that, there's also something natural about it and it has a certain element of class strangely but I think what grabs you is that these songs managed to have character and almost persona so you do have something to hold on to through these massive musical works.

To me, this is not for the faint of heart because these are lengthy tracks that fly around through the air that surrounds you and they do that at fast speeds in terms of notes, changes, progressions, and composition.

This was very cool, very different, and again, has an element of genius to it but they're also so massive and so crazy at times that you may need to take a little breaks.

Either way, enjoy the ride.

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