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A Warming and Crisp summer single from Lee Brice, Blanco Brown, and R3HAB

A fresh release from Lee Brice & Blanco Brown just dropped and it's a remix version by R3HAB that really brings out those summer tones to go along with the soulful vocals, cinematic undertones and refreshing and honest feel.

"Soul (R3HAB Remix)" is absolutely gorgeous as it blends these completely different genres together with such a bright presence, heart, and warming soundscape.

You find yourself wanting to sing along with your hands in the air gospel style while the beat bumps and synths blaze into the night.

This track brings a wonderfully charismatic and welcoming feel and it's set of tones and textures somehow compliment each other so well it's almost crazy.

This was an earful and gives you an energy you didn't have before you listened. It's uplifting and and even empowering at times as they really create a crisp and vivid atmosphere.

This isone of those songs you can use to really kickstart your summer and Lee Brice has a beautiful and unique voice that can bring you to it from across the room.

R3HAB has a natural ear for finding rhythic patterns in music and manages to put a new spin on something that is already so warming to hear that it makes you crave more of the same.

It's that positive attitude, that bright sound, that all around palette that is used to make something like this. It's very satisfying to hear and we want nothing but more of this kind of music on our plate.

So on that note, let Lee Brice, Blanco Brown, and R3HAB get things moving for you with this single.

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