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A Warm and Honest Release from Jonathan Foster

A warm and honest album release from Jonathan Foster delivers a lush Americana and country undertone but what grabs you about this is the character that's given off throughout this record because that's what you end up holding on to.

The Roadside Attraction album is riddled with beautiful instrumentation that beckons not only classic country undertones but classic rock undertones as well at times and this is the kind of thing that you start to realize the deeper you go into the record because all these influences start showing face here and there.

Some of these tracks have a sort of neo folk feel at times and each of them tells stories to the point where they're so descriptive you can picture things vividly in your head and that's a beautiful thing.

There's a lot of stuff here that's emotionally driven and all of it sounds incredibly genuine like it all came from some place authentic, and this was a cathartic experience for the artist to write and release.

One of the other things about this record is the sheer fact that you're supposed to listen to it as a whole from beginning to end.

This is not a record where you should just listen to one or two tracks or go for the single, this is the kind of record that you want to soak in as a whole because that's what it was meant for.

This may not be a complete concept album but at times it feels almost like it is because songs have ways of interconnecting and if you really listen to them, they feel like chapters in the artist's life being displayed.

Listening to one or two songs would be like reading one or two chapters randomly from a book and then closing it.

The other reason you should listen to this whole album is because without doing so, you're not getting the full spectrum of what the record gives off musically or personality-wise either.

Like I said earlier, the character is something that you latch onto throughout this record and some songs dig a little deeper than others, but they all have a story or a meaning.

A lot of this record to me, had this sort of cinematic backbone to the point where you could easily see half of these tracks in the scene of a film, and I think that boils down to that emotional drive that a lot of them are built off of.

The instrumentation is outstanding, and the guitar work is the main focal point but there's so much more going on throughout a lot of these tracks and at times it almost feels like a live performance just because of how the instrumentation and the sounds feed off of each other energy-wise.

You get hints of this rustic tonality here and there which after listening to half of the record is absolutely no surprise but when you go the whole way through you pull in all these different feels and vibes that I can give off.

On top of everything, Jonathan's vocal performance is something that sticks with you and I adore that about the record because so much of it can cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random, it can cause you to think or feel and all in all, we need more music like this.

We need songs that let us feel and have a certain kind of rawness to them. Not in tone, but in emotion.

This was a gorgeous record from beginning to end and I would suggest popping on some headphones and going through this record and seeing how it really affects you.

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