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A Vivacious and Edgy Rock Single from CHAMBERS

A new single release from Chambers delivers an excitable and vast indie rock soundscape that has a sort of cinematic backbone but also this air of a live performance and it feels as if the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time which really gives this track and added drive and lets you get attached to the character of the entire thing.

"Be Someone" has a lot of wetness to it with a reverb on the vocals and guitars and the guitar work across the board is outstanding because they deliver as many melodic hooks as the vocals do which is something I've missed in any kind of rock music for quite some time.

You can hear this unique rawness in its energy and maybe this track was recorded live on the floor.

Even if not, this track makes you want to see them perform live in your face because if this kind of feel and vibe is captured on records so well then seeing them live must just be outstanding.

There's something about this track that has a sort of mysterious feel to it, and I love these almost crooner-style vocals, but the track delves into a post-punk area, an alternative rock feel, and has this sort of alive and breathing approach to it so when the song finally hits that explosive part it's huge.

The track was arranged amazingly well and just has this certain life to it and intensity that has a beautiful way of building throughout the track, so you find yourself getting engulfed in this song very quickly, but it also has an animated undertone at times as well especially vocally because the singer's vibrato is very unique, and this is something that makes you think of people like Jim Morrison for example.

There is certainly classic rock influence in this track as well which you can clearly hear in its songwriting and even tonality as a whole, but this sort of edger surf rock feel takes over that classic rock approach and gives it a bigger and bulkier soundscape.

Again, this track is very vast and has a certain kind of atmosphere that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

You can tell this is coming from a band of people who have an absolute love for their craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing guitar singing, playing drums or bass, I mean putting those things together and writing a song that tells a story and can paint a picture in your head musically and lyrically.

I can't emphasize how much the guitar work takes the cake on this track for me anyway. They're used so well and performed with a certain kind of heart in a way but also really smartly tracked so that you have certain kinds of guitar parts that have chorus effect on them and float through the song's ether building on that atmosphere, and you have other guitar parts that are upfront and grabbing your attention.

This is definitely the kind of track that pulls you away from your surroundings for a little chunk of time and that to me is sort of like a gift.

I feel this way because you just don't get it often and so when you do especially in rock, it's a refreshing approach and I love this sort of dark underbelly and again, mysterious vibe that the track gives off.

All of this adds to that persona which is another thing you don't always get with a lot of different kinds of music.

This is definitely a character-riddled single that speaks volumes for the band, and I certainly can't wait to hear more from them soon.

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