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A VAST ROCK Release From THousand Dollar Movie

A new EP release from Thousand Dollar Movie delivers a progressive and cinematic approach to Alternative and indie rock all done with this ability to create what feels like chapters that come together to build a sort of concept record.

The songs on the Give Me A Year EP have a vivacious energy to them and each one brings its own persona and character to the table making the emotion behind it very as the record plays on.

I think this is one of the more brilliant aspects of the EP because you have such different phases to go through when you listen to it as a whole and I do suggest that you listen to this release from beginning to end as opposed to just one or three songs for example.

This was meant to be taken in as a full ep from start to finish so that it can be soaked in properly and you can get the vibe for what this is kind of going for.

A lot about this has an energy that screams live performance and that maybe because some of it was recorded live on the floor and dubbed in later, or not. I'm not really sure either way, but it definitely has this very particular energy to it and that energy is infectious and sort of stays with you after the record's over.

I love the elements of underground '90s alternative rock all over this record and it even comes down to the tonality of the instruments a lot of the time.

There are a lot of different emotional drives behind the songs and there's that progressive rock approach to some of them as well which is part of why the record's songs feel like they interconnect in some way.

One of the other things I really enjoyed about this record is the drumming because that whole aspect of it is so right up in your face that it makes the songs have a little bit more of an alive-and-breathing sensation.

There are definitely some layers that you can peel back throughout the course of this release and it's really fun to do so but all in all, it's got this sonically intense and thriving vibe to it that you just get caught up in so easily that the record becomes somewhat of an escape from your own reality for a little moment in time.

Like I said before, it's got this cinematic backbone to it that lets you fall into this sort of different world and one of the best parts about that is the fact that you end up thinking of all kinds of different things in your head throughout the record as well.

Just based on the music alone you think about people in your life, or memories pop into your head at random.

I love this because it's like the record serves as a sort of soundtrack to your life in a weird way.

I found myself looking back at different memories as I listen to the record and as the intensity and emotion built on certain songs, I was able to relate that to my memories automatically.

This was a really good record that was done with a certain level of heart and even gracefulness in the performances and that aspect of it is hard to explain but if you listen to it you can fully understand it.

These songs are sort of orchestrated and that's the vibe that they still give you through pop rock, alternative rock, and progressive rock.

Definitely want to put on some headphones and take a deep dive through.

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