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A Vast and Engulfing Single from Timothy and The Apocalypse

A new release from Timothy and the Apocalypse brings out an edgy and outside-the-box production approach that delivers amending of textures and the build of an atmosphere that keeps you floating a few inches above the ground the entire time.

"Skyfall" has a unique way of building and as it does, so it wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to with fast hooks and tones that drip with reverb creating a massive ambiance.

This track is almost genre-bending in its own way because it takes dream pop, electronic, Indie pop, and more and rolls it all into one release that bears a cinematic backbone laced with melodies and catchy sections that appear almost out of nowhere.

This track is absolutely full of surprises around its corners, and I love how the vocals float right along with the drifting sounds of the instruments and how there is a bit of a blend of natural and digital instrumentation coming through with elements of classic breakbeat and EDM at times, but it's all done with this particular sort of character, and I think that that's what you get attached to so quickly.

This is more experience than a single and I love how it lets you escape and forget about your surroundings for a good chunk of time because it's very rare that you get something like that these days.

Later in the song new synths and keys start appearing but it doesn't lose that character and it never loses the base that it started with in the first place.

There was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this track, especially production-wise and part of that has to do with the actual mix of the track because songs like this take an exquisite ear to be able to level everything out and have it kick in with the right intensities when new instruments come in.

There's something completely graceful about this track and it can even cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random which I adore because it makes a strange connection.

The song is in a playing field all it's on and to label it as one genre would be pretty much impossible but that's okay, I'm not a big fan of genre labeling myself although it does help people understand what they can expect to hear some of the time.

There are things about this track Like the drums for example, that make me think of late 90s underground DJ-style tracks that you would hear in certain kinds of films, and this is what I mean by a cinematic backbone.

It's very hard to achieve this level of vastness on a track but it's done perfectly here, and it's got such a beautiful and forward-moving flow with lush instrumentation and blends this color with edginess throughout the whole experience.

There's a lot to love about this song and the way it was put together because you easily fall right into it and after a minute, you're engulfed and this is an attribute that I find joyous because when you come out of it, you have to reactivate yourself back to reality again.

That is extremely fun.

Check this track out with headphones on because it's one of the best ways to soak it in honestly.

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