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A Soiree of a Sound from The O'Fucchs

A new set of songs released recently from The O'Fucchs give off a bar song sing-along atmosphere and vibe with beautifully performed acoustic guitar and banjos along with lush and heaping layers of vocals that feel like a crowd singing along with you and you get this sort of folk punk sensation from it all.

The first of two tracks is called "Bad Time" and it starts off grabbing your attention with a few vocals that have a steady pace and before you know it it bursts into a soiree, and you just want to get up and dance around the room while singing at the top of your lungs even if you don't know the words.

The entire energy of this thing is incredibly addictive, and it feels like everything is done live on the floor because of the way everyone feeds off of each other throughout its playthrough.

It's amazing how something acoustically driven can be so hard-hitting and so impactful but also so warm at the same time.

I think taking those different attributes and putting them together is brilliant and it's done with a massive level of heart and passion which comes through with every no plate and every second past and I think this is something that you don't get often enough when it comes to most genres of music.

You find yourself very attached to the song by the time it's over and want to replay it again.

The second track, "Sisyphus" starts with the same kind of vibe where it's a little bit of a slower pace and all the acoustic instrumentation is very full-bodied and it focuses on a single vocal so that you can pay attention to the lyrics and right when that has you pulled in and all your attention is on it, it explodes once again into a fury of wondrous and colorful energy that not only picks up the pace but becomes more and more infectious.

Listening to these two songs is seriously almost like seeing them live because it feels like you just watched a performance and having them on record is even better because the energy captured on those recordings is insane and although these guys probably pull it off at the drop of a time, I feel like it's a once in a lifetime take for some reason.You can feel this heart that's just oozing from these songs and that sense of camaraderie, again, like they're drinking songs and you're singing them with your buddies while taking shots and drinking beers is welcoming, to say the least.

You rarely get this kind of effect so it's completely refreshing to have it now, and I ended up listening to these songs more than a few times each just because of the feeling that they give me and I think that a lot of people will be able to soak that feeling in automatically when they listen to them as well.

There's a certain kind of inspirational undertone and a strange way that these songs give you and they are in a sense sort of uplifting in their own way but it's just this rustic honesty and classic tonality and approach that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

These were an endlessly fun and freeing set of songs from The O'Fucchs that feel great to listen to nice and loud.

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