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A Smooth New Single From kennard

A new single release from Kennard brings that a smooth and alluring Soul pop and R&B vibe that come together to bring out a lot of character and color along with powerful vocals that you just can't turn away from.

"All In My Mind" comes through as an absolute instant classic and the groove of this truck pulls you in right from the get-go but the rest of it really keeps you there.

You can tell this was created by someone who has a real love for his craft and that comes through with a great vibrancy throughout the entire song.

This track has a wonderful combination of influences between old and new school which makes it really refreshing and boasts a creative approach but without going too far outside the box so that everything seems very comfortable and familiar.

The track has a really impressive chorus that sticks with you for hours after the song is ended and, in my opinion, that's just smart songwriting but I feel like Kennard just does this naturally as this is his way of writing songs in the first place.

Again, it's that character delivered in the track that really keeps you engaged, and you end up listening to the words and following along but the soulful vocal approach has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

He has a really unique vibrato to the way that he sings, and I feel like he knows exactly how to dynamically balance the subtleties and the softness with the more belting and loud vocal parts because those two things really follow along with the song's intensity levels.

I also really enjoy the fact that you can just sort of escape right into this song and forget about your own reality for a little bit because that's not something you get often in songs these days so when you hear it it's quite refreshing.

The track does have a cinematic feel to it as well just in the sense that you can definitely hear this in a film or a TV show for certain scenes and the production is absolutely polished and stellar.

There is definitely a lot of attention to detail and the song writing in the arrangement during the creation of this track, but it never loses the soul that it starts off with which is really important.

This track in my opinion speaks volumes for the artist and I would definitely be paying attention to what comes next from Kennard because I feel like there's going to be more in the coming months or at least I hope there will be.

Upon listening to this track I ended up finding myself digging through some of his back catalog and I found that this was the latest in the string of singles that have been released starting in 2022 and each track has something a little bit different to offer so I would suggest that if you like this track, which I'm sure you will, that you go ahead and check out his other singles previously released because you certainly won't be disappointed.

I'd give this a 9 out of 10.

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