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A Sleek and Bright Pop SIngle From Parliament Cat

Parliament Cat returns with a glimmering and sleek new single that seamlessly brings together several pop genres with R&B and more as synths and pads build and sway making the song lush and vocals touch on a vintage retro-pop undertone.

'The Takeover" is absolutely refreshing and just has this vibrancy to it that makes it endlessly addicting. It has the ability to take you to another place with a set of textures and sounds that swim around you and fall into this catchy chorus that becomes quickly anthemic and impactful.

You can hear influences of both old and new school pop and dance, dream-pop and so much more incorporated into this one massive track and it all comes through with a vast soundscape and creates its own atmosphere.

The synths and keys used on this one are legendary and are used very tastefully from start to finish as the song builds and softens back down. It breathes.

it all really washes you away with its unique combination of instrumentation that build this soundscape.

The vocals spew out some amazing melodies and the performance is passionate, and it makes you feel as though you've heard the song somewhere before.

It is incredibly cinematic and has this feeling of being alive.

The production is outside the box and with everything the song has built into it, it's impressive how well the mix was done.

Everything is so balanced and it lets it show the strength it was meant to show.

the cool thing is that if you dig this song, you're bound to dig much of the Parlaiment Cat catalogue.

So come take a swim with this artist as you'll be whisked away to another place all together and you'll enjoy the crap out of it.

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