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A Powerful Single Release from Francesca Tarantino

A new single release from Francesca Tarantino brings out an honesty rarely seen in young artists along with a robust character that latches on to you and grabs at your attention intently all with a tone that comes through powerful and almost cinematic.

"Truth Cannot Hide" has such a massive intensity to it that it's impossible to look away from and this lets the song sort of wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

This is a pop-rock power ballad of sorts, and it comes through with a blend of classic and new-school approaches including a great guitar solo that's just tastefully done to fill this bridge before you come back to that last chorus which has an amazing way of bouncing around in your head for hours or even days after the song has ended by the way.

This is one intense and almost anthemic single that feels like it had to have been cathartic for Francesca to write and release because of all the things she wanted to get off of her chest and so she did it the only way she knew how.  Through her music.

This is exactly the kind of stuff that we need right now because not only does this track make you think and feel, but it has this power behind it that drives the song, and it lets the entire soundscape thrive and shows Francesca's presence as an artist immensely.

This track is an absolute powerhouse and what gets me about it the most is the fact that it feels like it was recorded live on the floor because it's like the players were just feeding off of each other the entire time giving it this feeling of being alive.

I mean, the way the song is arranged and the way it builds in that intensity is impressive and this is part of why you get that live feeling because everything is building and building until that final chorus where it just explodes with emotion.

There's nothing more real than that and this track hits all the sweet spots you can want from a rock ballad that comes from someplace authentic.

Almost everyone can relate to this track, and this is part of its allure as well.

The release shows so much persona and this tasteful approach to releasing music that has an impact and that listeners can relate to and understand.

Upon listening to this one I just had to check out some of her previous releases which I did and I'm happy for doing so because they're all really good rock bangers.

This is an artist that is paving her path in the rock arena and she's doing it on her terms while letting those emotions drive the music and not holding back or conforming to certain kinds of genre underbellies.

If you like this single you're going to like her other tracks as well and Francesca is absolutely, 100% the kind of artist that you want to be keeping an eye on from here on out.

I'm going to give this track a straight-up 9 out of 10 which doesn't happen often but this song shows such intense passion in the performance and the band also shows such energy that you just can't look away from this song.

Check this out when you can and don't be afraid to turn it up.

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