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A Personal and Vast EP from Foxlin

A new EP release from Foxlin brings out an almost fantastical and cinematic soundscape that blends indie rock with a vast progressive approach and it all comes together to build this atmosphere that feels so personal that you just want to stay there.

The Camper EP breeds a very particular honesty and in doing so the whole record has this character and persona to it that you become quickly attached to and there are more than a few surprises around the corners if you listen to the whole thing which is exactly what you should be doing.

This is the type of record that you listen to from start to finish because that's the way it was meant to be soaked in. These songs are almost like chapters in a book and in order to get through everything you need to listen to it as a whole.

Certain songs come through with a sullen undertone and that's just the natural state of some of the vibes that come through but it's more like sitting on top of a mountain and staring off into the distance deep in thought than sullen really.

To me, these are very personal, and they bear a lot of the artist's thought process, emotions, and soul which is so intense at times that the music grows, and this is where things start to surprise you.

There is most certainly a level of existentialism to this record and it's not because of the lyrics so much as it is the music because you get taken away to a different place when you listen to this record.

It's like an escape and you forget about your surroundings for a little bit which I think is a complete gift if you ask me.

It's a very guitar-driven record but not in a heavier hard rock way although there are sections that do rock out more, the record has that vastness that I spoke of earlier strewn across its existence and this is part of the staple feel and vibe of the record as a whole.

There are layers that you can peel back throughout this record and it's fun to do exactly that because you find that at times the music can cause memories of your own to pop into your head and that kind of connection is rarely seen so when it happens it's refreshing.

A lot of this stuff is gracefully performed but with a certain level of intensity and energy that always comes through with a nearly perfect dynamic balance in terms of tone and texture.

Most importantly, this record has hard and back up so in my head I sort of imagined this one long night of recording these songs that the artist was able to really dig into himself with.

For me, this was a soul-searching kind of record and when I listen to it it feels like floating face up in a lake staring at the stars in the night sky and thinking about my past.

The whole thing is beautifully done and there were a lot of pieces of himself given to make this happen so it's hard to find music that's as authentic as this record was and that is part of its beauty.

Listen to this record all the way through from start to finish because I'm sure you have 20 minutes to do so, and do it with headphones on because it's the best way.

I'm going to give this record a straight-up 9 out of 10 not just for composition, or performance, but for the heart as well first and foremost.

Check this record out and see what it does for you.

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