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A Nostalgic and Warm Single from Staring at the Ceiling

A single release from Staring at the Ceiling brings out a smooth and atmospheric soundscape and with it comes a certain kind of undertone that feels somehow nostalgic in a way because as you listen to this track it feels like you're floating face up in a leg staring at the stars in the night sky and reminiscing to yourself about your past.

"21st Street" has a beautiful flow to it and this in turn gives it a sort of persona and you definitely can't help but have memories of your own pop into your head as you listen to it which for me was quite a beautiful connection to have made.

The single features a wondrous vastness performed with guitars, bass, keys, and a smooth and classic beat and all of these almonds have a a particular way of complimenting each other the entire time.

There are different layers of reverb at different times, on different instruments so this is a magnificent balance of dynamics and I feel like the mix of a song like this plays a massive part and how the aesthetic was to come through and it certainly did.

This track has some sort of emotional drive behind it and it does indeed somehow feel like it was created as an ode to someone's childhood or maybe a particular part of it but either way, that whole vibe comes through with shining colors as this subtle and freeing track plays through.

This is very cinematic to me, and you can easily hear in the scene of a film or even a TV show of different styles and types, but I think that this track bears a very interesting and alluring character because it's written with a heart and even though it's instrumental, you know it came from someplace genuine and it has meaning.

The best part about that is the sheer fact that you can relate to this song however you want so for me it had a different meaning than for the songwriters most likely but I definitely connected it to my past in my youth.

That's the beauty of music like this. For each person listening, it might have a different effect or have a different vibe that they relate to within their own lives.

And that's how good music is taken in.

This was warm, it had personality, it had nostalgic tonality, at heart, and it felt like a hug from a loved one that you haven't seen in a long time.

That may sound strange to you but when you listen to the song you might know exactly what I mean but again, this will affect different people in different ways so for me that's exactly what it felt like.

I would definitely take a good listen to this song with headphones on because it's one of the best ways to soak it in, and see how it affects you.

A wonderfully woven single from Staring at the Ceiling.

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