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A new single release from Stevon and Kayla Artis

The new single release from Stevon & Kayla Artis delivers a lush warmth and tonality that feels incredibly welcoming and uplifting at the same time mostly because the track comes through in such a powerful way with such positive spirit and a wonderful character that's attached to the whole thing which really has a way of wrapping itself around you.

"Miracles" is quite a beautiful song and it's built in an almost cinematic way because it builds up and kind of grows in intensity until you get to halfway through the song where the chorus is finally full of almost gospel-like backing vocals and just as super impactful approach that leaves its mark for sure.

I love the sentiment behind this track and what it must have meant for Stevon and Kayla to write it and release it because it feels like it was almost cathartic in a way.

This was beautifully done and it's the vocals across this track that grab at you and let you just get engulfed in the whole atmosphere of what the track delivers.

This has such a great message behind it and when you listen through to the end of the song you hear little children singing almost like a choir and that gives the song an extra sense of character and authenticity in a way because you know it's all coming from someplace genuine.

This track has a contemporary pop sort of undertone to it and it blends a vintage almost 80s and 90s soundscape with a new one so you have little hints of nostalgia throughout the track that add to the warmth that already has in the first place which is something that I loved about the song.

This is most certainly one of those tracks that has a chorus that bounces around in your brain for hours or even days after the song has ended and the only way to see she ate that is to listen to it again.

It's got a power to it and that electric and vivacious sort of energy and aura all has a way of pulling you in and it feels really good to listen to.

Is there some spirituality to this song? Yes of course, but it also speaks in general terms as well just about life, and this is something that comes across well in the message of the song itself.

You can tell that this track meant something to the artists and there was a lot of attention to detail that went into this track but it never loses the soul or the heart that it began with in the first place.

And that's what this song has the most of. Heart.

This was a beautifully woven and very full-bodied and robust single that has a way of tickling your senses and making you feel alive but it also makes you think and feel and I think that is most important.

We need more music in the world that makes us think and that make us feel especially because then we don't feel alone.

Have a good heart listen to this song and see how it affects you because I'm sure it will.

And outstanding delivery from Stevon & Kayla Artis.

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