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A New Single Release from MJM features Tim 'Ripper'Owens and hits It hard!

A brand-new banger from MJM brings out a classic metal and hard rock approach with every aspect of the aesthetic fully intact from driving guitars and belting vocals to hard-hitting drums and a genuine arena rock energy that all comes through oozing with character and quickly become something you get attached to.

"Live It Up" comes in swinging with killer lead guitars and an unstoppable riff that just feels good to listen to and if you're a fan of classic metal then this song is 100% for you because everything about it is nailed.

The single bears loads of musical hooks along with the chorus that comes through as a pure fists-in-the-air sing-along, and the whole thing can be turned as loud as you want and still sound amazing.

MGM or Michael J Miller is a true veteran of hard rock and has worked with a multitude of artists and bands over the years, which brings me to the special guest on this track, Tim 'Ripper' Owens of Judas Priest on lead vocals.

Being able to pull such a legend to be a part of your track means you are embedded in the hard rock and classic metal community for a long-time which Michael certainly is.

MJM is an award-winning project that really goes above and beyond for the sake of music, and you can hear that in this song itself as well.

This track is completely addictive, it's got charisma, heart, drive, and electric energy that feels almost like a live performance right in your face where all the players involved are feeding off of each other the entire time.

To be able to capture an energy like that on record is not an easy thing so when you come across it, it's very refreshing and it is something that you can feel in your bones.

Michael and everyone he works with all have a massive love for their craft and thank goodness for that because being able to put this kind of music into the world with such a level of musicianship and collaborations, at the speed that he does, is intense and amazing.

Upon listening to this legend of a song, I decided to take a bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of MJM, and I'm glad that I did because there are many incredible releases including full-length albums, instrumental LPs, and other singles that are just outstanding and showcase this whole project's ability to adapt and push the envelope.

Everything about this project is a love letter to the genre and that is something that comes through powerfully with every single track that you listen to.

A true guitarist and songwriter at heart, Michael J Miller has been embedded in the scene for years and this release serves as a testament to artists who are out there pushing to live their dream.

"Live It Up" comes with an accompanying music video that showcases even more of the character that's delivered through the song Itself by way of showing the artist's presence.

This song destroys on the guitars and rampages on vocals in the best ways possible.

Be sure and check this track out as soon as you can, and don't be afraid to turn it nice and loud because the louder it goes, the better it seems to sound.

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