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A new single Release from Marc Rudin

A single release from Marc Rudin is a welcoming and lush single that bears a lot of personality and character as a person but also shows his presence as an artist and his love for songwriting really manages to shine throughout the course of this track.

"Wonder Why" is something of a Love Song and the way it's formatted and arranged is not only smart but ear catching as the artist also blends certain soundscapes together to create this atmosphere that becomes his own.

This is a rock single, but it's got a contemporary backbone and a cinematic output as he speaks his mind and let's his heart do the talking.

The guitar work on this track is great and the melodies on the hooks are more than memorable but really, it's the song writing that grabs at you and keeps you there.

There was definitely some attention to detail in the creation of this release and you can hear just by listening to it that Rudin has a definite love for his craft. This shows on and on throughout the song's course.

You get the feel of an experienced performer and songwriter with this one and there's a freeing feeling that it also gives as you listen to the songs vastness that is evident beneath the main sound.

The combination of acoustic and electric guitars is wondrous, and those textures don't always go together so easily but in this case, it's done with the right touches to make it blend and work properly.

You can also hear bits and pieces of the artists influences coming through in both folk and classic rock along with others.

A very refreshing and unique approach shows face as the song begins to stick with you.

You find yourself humming those hooks later on in the day even if it's in your head. It's not really something you think about, it just sort of happens and that is the signal of a good single.

Marc has a way with words just as much as he has away with songwriting and the combination of those two things makes this more impactful.

You think about your person or your situation and the song becomes yours. That's the kind of thing that sounds like they should do for you. They should be relatable and should be able to cause certain memories to pop into your head at random.

Not that that's its sole purpose of course, but you are living your own life and when you hear a song you relate to that in your own perspective.

If the song is done right it works like a charm and here, it's certainly done right.

This was a beautifully done and passionately performed single and showcases the artists musical experience and heart without question.

If you like this one, you'll most likely like some other singles from the artist as well so feel free to go back through his catalog after this track.

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