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A New Single From Ryan Shane Owen Is Spooky Fun

A wonderfully flavorful and fun release from Ryan Shane Owen is here just in time for Halloween and to feed your electro-pop needs as the track boasts a soiree of colorful tonality that helps the artist showcase parts of his own character as he delivers a memorable and spooky single for one of our favorite holidays of the year.

"Boogyman" has a gleeful side to it musically and it combines elements of vintage almost new wave with a sort of 90s beat, and indie pop vocals creating something that has an atmosphere that's all its own.

The track automatically feels like it was a damn good time to create and its creator, looks like he's having a blast in the music video that comes along with the track itself.

As the track plays on Ryan warns of the different boogeymen you may want to be aware of from Dracula to the Wolfman and plenty in between all the while keeping to this insanely danceable Sonic presence that makes the song feel like it would actually be great for a Halloween party.

This is one of the things I really love about the track.

It's sort of a song for all ages, sexes, and races so no matter who you are, you can dance to it and have yourself a good time.

Songs like this are meant for exactly that. This track is a good time and it's meant for others to have a good time listening to it.

I for one I'm a fan of a song with a good theme and this is a perfect example of that.

Ryan took that Halloween boogeyman theme and got into it.

The music video that accompanies the song serves almost as a lyric video as well because you see the words at the bottom of the screen, but you also see Ryan dancing in different costumes as the different Boogeyman that he is singing about in the track.

The video actually showcases some of the artist's persona even more and adds to the song somehow.

The video is one of the best ways to actually listen to the track but, like I said if you're throwing a Halloween party this year, this song is also on Spotify so you can create a really good Spotify playlist with this song included.

Their songs that are more serious, and songs that aren't. This track is not to be taken seriously in terms of any kind of deep or heartfelt single.

This is about having fun and giving us all something we can add to our love of spookiness this year.

We all hear different artists and bands coming out with Christmas songs during the winter holiday season, but you rarely hear a new song that's meant for Halloween.

Even just that aspect alone was so refreshing.

An incredibly enjoyable single from an artist with a unique approach and loads of character, enjoy this while you can and be sure to add it to your spooky playlist this year.

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