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A new single from Robbie Rapids is a fun and catchy track

A fresh single release from Robbie Rapids brings out a sort of wholesome and southern-touched rock approach that comes through with an excellent resting guitar tone but also this sort of character that is a light-hearted story about going fishing.

"Fishing The River" gives off a warm undertone with classic rock tendencies and harmonica that sort of rips and whales while the riff goes off in between verses.

One of the things I adore about this track is how detailed the lyrics actually are so you can picture some of these things that are being sung vividly in your head as they happen.

That kind of thing is a little bit of a rarity, so I enjoy being able to visualize the things that are happening in the story of the song.

This song also has a wonderful way of blending different rock undertones in one track because you have that southern rock vibe, classic rock, and even certain kinds of pop rock that come in along with acoustic or clean folk-sounding tones as well guitar-wise and of course these great organs in harmonica that come in and give the song this massive lushness as well.

This track is like a heartland rock song and for anyone that likes rock and fishing, the song would obviously be 100% for you because it puts those two things together so well it feels almost like you've been listening to the song on the radio for years.

One of the other things that got me with this song is the performance on it because the energy feels almost like the players in the band are just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and this gives the feel of an almost live performance which is something that helps captures the heart of the song incredibly well.

The guitar solo section is like a jam band type of approach, and it just feels so alive and breathing like you're watching it right in front of you and this gives the song a great blend of color and edginess.

This is certainly the ultimate fishing song or at least one of them in the rock genre especially and it has a strange sense of nostalgia to it but maybe that's because of how he captures the story so vividly.

Either way, this is a classic rock banger and it felt great to listen to and actually kind of makes you want to go fishing.

Most important in my opinion is the character that the song portrays and how it's delivering because a song like this has a little bit of looseness to it and doesn't take itself too seriously and to pull that off with the aesthetic it was meant to have, it's got to have a character to it and this song embodies that super well.

A really well-performed, fun, and memorable classic southern rock single from Robbie Rapids is a must hear.

Check this track out when you can and if you have a boat, take it out and do it then.

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