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A New Ep Release from Brightwell & Moran Comes Through with Heart

An EP release from Brightwell & Moran brings out a beautifully honest and lush soundscape that gives off a southern rock undertone along with classic Americana and singer-songwriter approaches that all come together on one record to give you a very full-bodied atmosphere and character that you end up really getting attached to.

One of my favorite aspects about the Land of Plenty EP is that it has a sort of cinematic backbone at times and ranges from a bright and energetic, excitable pop rock crossed with these very personal and soft acoustic Americana tracks is a beautiful combination because it gives you the best of two different worlds on one record.

This record is just oozing with persona and some of these songs are incredibly relatable and descriptive as they come from some emotional drive, and this is something that you end up letting wrap around yourself.

The guitar work and vocals across this record are amazing and those two elements in particular seem to complement each other incredibly well leaving the record this extra bit of drive at certain times, and heart at other times.

The whole record is beautifully orchestrated and the songs that rock more still keep that southern undertone which is something I like about the release along with this amazing energy that they have almost like the songs were recorded live on the floor and the players are all feeding off of each other the whole time.

This record really makes you want to see them live simply because this wonderful energy is captured so well on record that you figure seeing them live would just be outstanding and I'm sure it is.

Some would call these folk-rock songs but for me, it's a little bit harder edged with the rock tracks and a little bit just a folk-rock approach as well because they do blend in several subgenres into their songwriting but always keep to this sort of Americana Vibe a lot of the time.

It doesn't matter what you call it. These songs are genuine, they come from the heart, and they're delivered with love which is something that you can hear in the record itself and because of that, you know that these two songwriters and performers really hit the jackpot when they found each other.

There are a number of elements to this release that let you know that there was a lot of attention paid to the details during its creation but even with that, it never loses that character or heart that it starts with in the first place and that may be the most important aspect of the whole thing.

This is an EP that you want to listen to from start to finish because if you don't then you're not getting the full range that it has to offer, and this is a record that has some great range to it.

These songs can be very emotional and impactful, relatable, understandable, and for the songwriters they may have even been cathartic to write and release.

Some songs come through with hooks and choruses that stay bouncing around in your brain for hours or even days after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to them again.

This was a very special record that bears tons of soul in such a uniquely honest way that you end up feeling different after it's over.

Check this EP when you can, and I would suggest listening to it with headphones on because that's one of the best ways to soak it in if you ask me.

Have a listen and see how it affects you. 

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