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A new And Thruthful Single From Karly C

A brand-new single by Karly C brings out a vivid honesty and a depictive portrayal of a situation that comes with several truths and the track itself bears an impactful approach and a massive tonality that have quickly become some of the staples of the artist's sound.

"One Night" definitely hits the ground running and gives off a well-balanced but fierce rock punch and it all gets delivered with a guttural passion that you can feel in your bones along with these hooks that float around in your head even hours after the song is ended.

We're no strangers to the musical endeavors of Karly C and this is such a triumphant return and such a wonderful new course and direction for her evolution as an artist.

The thing about Karly is that she never ceases to amaze or surprise and so every time she releases a new single you know there's going to be honesty behind it, you know there's going to be a story behind it, and you know it's going to leave a mark but you don't know exactly which direction she's headed in with each new track in terms of the musical undertone so you can expect a little bit of the unexpected but you do know it's going to be good.

This track makes you think and brings up a lot of the imbalances in the world and as it all goes down, you get such tight production that's polished and bright along with its edginess.

There's a lot of persona and presence just bursting through this track and that chorus is just embedded in your mind even halfway through the track so that by the end you can pretty much sing along with it.

I love stuff like this because music should make you think and feel depending on what it was meant for of course. Songs like this feel like it's maybe even cathartic for the artist to record and perform while the listener may relate to it so much that they get attached.

Throughout it all you get sonic presence from those guitar tones that just give this vast alternative rock powerhouse vibe and it hits hard just the way it was meant to.

This is the kind of song that speaks volumes for the artist and gives you a good feel for how she's always been able to pave her path in music with songs that break down barriers a little bit or that give glimpses of who she is as a person.

This song in particular has both of those attributes but either way, it takes one listen to know that this is a real-deal rock banger that you could easily hear on any major rock radio station and in any major city.

Again, none of this surprises me because we have had the pleasure of reviewing some of her music before but it's just the impact that these songs end up having that stays with you and with that, you know you're in for something big when you get your hands on a new track from her.

In my opinion, this is one of her best songs to date and that's saying a lot because she spans a lot of ground musically.

I'm giving this one a 9 out of 10 straight up and as usual, look very forward to whatever she comes up with next and will be keeping my eye out for just that.

Perhaps you should too.

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