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A memorable and Lush Single and Album from Atlantic Avenue

A recent single release from Atlantic Avenue gives off a classic pop alternative rock soundscape and the track boasts this immense and emotionally driven approach that gives it all this authentic tonality and it comes through feeling alive and breathing with subtle sections that burst into massive choruses and the whole thing boasts this sort of character that is completely relatable.

"The Fool I Am" certainly feels like it comes from real life experience and you can draw a lot of that from the lyrics of the song but it's really the delivery of the vocals that hit hard because they're so blunt and honest that the song feels like it could have served as part of the soundtrack to a certain chapter in your own life and that kind of connection in music is a rarity so when it comes along.

This track has some outstanding production, and everything is crisp, clean, and polished but it also has heart and I think that's one of the things that lets the song wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

Everything from the guitar tone to how the drums are performed are so intricately placed so you know that there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this song but even with all of that, it never loses that character that it starts within the first place, and this may be the most important part of the whole thing.

I also really enjoy the actual energy on this track because it feels like the energy you would get from a live performance in a way where players are feeding off of each other the whole time.

This gives the track this added sort of drive and emphasis that just helps it push that envelope and also helps the aesthetic of how the song is supposed to sound come through damn near perfectly.

The song does indeed have that alternative rock feel but it's one that you hear in the late 90s early 2000s and reminds me of bands like My Chemical Romance for example.

Because of that aesthetic hitting so well, it does give me a little sense of nostalgia which I thoroughly enjoy but it also has a refreshing spin and just a great sort of charisma and persona that comes along with it.

Now, this single is part of a full-length album called When the Lights Go Down and the record itself boasts more of the staple field but brings other elements to the table as well with tons of amazing guitar work all across the release and some surprises around the corners as well.

I would suggest starting with the single but also listening to the full album because if you do that then you're getting a full spectrum of what it actually has to offer and you're getting more of these kinds of stories as well.

There's a lot to offer in their layers that can be peeled back strewn across this record and it's a lot of fun to listen to the point where for me, it was sort of an escape and pulled me away from my surroundings for a good chunk of time which in my opinion is sort of a gift from music done right.

Listening to the album from start to finish gives you more of a full experience and when I was growing up I always listened to full albums because that's the way we bought them.

I feel like we do live in a little bit too much of a single-based society and I'm very happy for bands like Atlantic Avenue who put out these lush albums that have no actual filler.

All the songs stand for something, mean something, or have a meaning behind them that makes perfect sense. 

Check the single and album out as soon as you get a chance and don't be afraid to turn it up.

I'm giving this a straight up 9 out of 10 because everything about it from the arrangements, compositions, performances, songwriting, and heart are all at a perfect level.

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